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seeks to disrupt the Music Industry by giving Fans a direct influence over the next Artist coming to their town while enjoying the Live Concert Experience from anywhere in the world through live streaming & VR/360 video.

gives Artists, Venues & Organizers guaranteed attendance through crowdfunding & additional revenue through digitized bookings, ticket sales & live streaming video.

lets Artists & Venues personalize a public profile with photos, songs & video performances, plus, grant private access to their rates, calendar, riders & specs.

simplifies & digitizes the event production experience for Artists, Venues & Organizers while providing easy communication and guarantees to all parties.

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What is MOUSE?

MOUSE is a platform that unites people who love music. If you are an Artist, Venue, Organizer or even a Fan, you can easily participate in the creation of a concert or festival.

MOUSE is the place where music lovers meet!

Why did you create MOUSE ?

We hope that you love music as much as we do! That's why we decided to create a service through which any Artist can perform at a Venue near you, and every Fan can enjoy seeing their favorite bands!

How can I start using MOUSE ?

Go to the Contact Us Section and sign up to be notified when MOUSE is launched!

How does crowdfunding work with MOUSE ?